Cuinn is a very characteristic boxer dog, he is a real domestic dog, a family dog ​​but on the other hand he is a great working dog who is now training for IGP 3. Cuinn has achieved IPO 1, IGP 2, UV and ZTP and we are very proud of that. We also think health is very important, which is why we had him examined for hip dysplasia, spondylosis and his heart. The results are HD A, spondylosis free (0) and heart 0. Of course, all medical exams and passed exams can be viewed.

We can sometimes be found at shows and Cuinn always gets a U there, but the shows have no priority for us. Cuinn is pure and therefore he does not inherit white. With all of the above, we have therefore decided to use Cuinn as a stud dog and has already proven to be a good one and already has offspring.


In February 2022 puppies are expected from the combination Soof van de Boxerboefjes x Cuinn van de Elzelinahof. If you are interested, you can contact Wendy van Lieshout on telephone number 0618010335.


If you are interested in Cuinn as a stud dog, do not hesitate to contact us via telephone, e-mail or via the contact form.  


Fred and Chris Kremers-Hermsen